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Sissy Hypnosis

Sissy Hypnosis

Look into the sissy mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the sissiest slut of all ?

Experience hypnotic breast enhancement. Have the feel of large breasts on your body.
Strong embedded mind control to make you feel and become more feminine and sissy.

Choose from the following hypnosis topics or create your own:

  • Enchanted
  • Complete Slut
  • Satin Panty boy
  • Intoxicated Bimbo
  • Breasts Enhancement
  • Cock Sucking 101 / Forced Bi

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Sissy BoySissy Hypnosis

This is an audio file for your listening pleasure. You can hear my hypnotic voice beckoning you to step into My Hypnotic Dungeon. You are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. (insert pic with buy link 7 sample)