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Look into my eyes ...Follow me down the Rabbit Hole. Where it stops only Goddess Lexi knows.

What is Erotic hypnosis? It is a practice which increases arousal and intensifies satisfaction during sexual activity. By reducing an individual's inhibitions, erotic hypnosis helps individuals to experience pleasure like they have never felt before.

Step into my hypnotic world of fantasy and seduction. I enjoy many types of hypnosis and brainwashing. I enjoy taking your fetish/role play and incorporating it into hypnotic fantasy. See below and let me know if you enjoy any of these or suggest your own.

Sissification Roleplay Hypnosis


You can hear my hypnotic voice beckoning you to step into My Hypnotic Dungeon.
You are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. This is an audio file for your listening pleasure.

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